Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Looking for High Quality Websites for Guest Blogging?

 People often have doubts about the quality of a website and whether it should be actually used for the guest blogging technique or not. There are several companies and professionals who have high quality websites and tend to use them to give you a place to publish your content and reach out to the right customers. But, how do you know which website is high quality and capable enough to help you find potential customers?

An SEO company San Jose or professional can easily help you find the right guest blogging websites. With an existing base, they tend to have the right websites where you can publish your content. But, if you are doing this by yourself, you might find it difficult to find the right guest blogging platforms or websites. The key is to first look for websites who host the same kind of content that you want. The blogger should be of your industry. If not, posting content on that website is not going to fetch you any results.

Check out the below-mentioned recommendations that you should consider while searching for the right blogging website.

·         Make a list of every blog that is related to the niche that you are working in.

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·       Find out if the blog names on the list created are accepting any guest blogs and ask them about the criteria for the posting. Majority of them take charges for posting the content as well. It is an excellent idea to make a negotiate on the prices and note the same in the excel sheet or paper that you have created.

·        Check out the history of the blog and make sure you vet it properly. The domain authority should be checked along with a review of the links that the website is using. Furthermore, you should review the last few posts that the blog has published and see the quality of the content that was written. If the quality is good, the website is good enough for you to publish your content over it.

·         Ask for the rules and regulations that the blogger has for posting the content on the blog. Read your content carefully before you send for publication. The content should be relevant, should include links and keywords and must adhere to the regulations that are set by the blogger in the first place.

Guest blogging is not a dead business. It is in fact an excellent way to get traffic and recognition for your website and business. But do not treat it as the only way to get rankings on Google or other search engines. There are several other SEO and digital media techniques that should be used along with this to get the best outcomes from your hard work. It is important to recognize the leading SEO techniques and use them.

If you find SEO overwhelming, it is always a good idea to hire experts to do the job. Frisco Web Solutions has experience in offering excellent results to companies in the past. Check out our packages to get the best results in a matter of months. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Top 10 SEO techniques for a Blogger

There is often a misconception that the publication of content on a blog is more than enough to drive enough traffic to your website. It is perfectly reasonable to say that you have to consistently publish content on your blog in a timely manner. However, are you sure the content matches the SEO needs that are recommended by the major search engines? You would be surprised to know about the varied guidelines that you should typically follow to make sure the content ranks and gives you the aspired number of followers and readers.

We bring to you the top 10 SEO San Jose techniques that you should follow, if you are a blogger. You would be surprised by the sudden increase in the traffic when you simply integrate these recommendations in every post.

  •          Find the right keywords as per the topic of your blog and make sure some of these are integrated in your blog posts
  •          Before you start writing a blog post, make sure you think about it carefully and frame every piece of content with care. Find the purpose of the article and make sure you have a message that you want to deliver rather than idly writing the post.
  •          Make a structure. The flow of an introduction, body and conclusion, not only applies to the typical essay that you have to write in school or college. It also applies to the typical blog post that you should write. The headings should deliver the message.
  •          There should be enough paragraphs and headings. No body will spend time reading a long blog post, waiting for the message to be delivered. Majority of the readers, tend to skim through the different headings and try to grab the message. The rest of the content will only be read if a reader can find what he/she is looking for in the headings.
  •          Paragraphs should be short and brief. They should be able to deliver the message in a precise manner.
  •          Transition words like ‘firstly’, ‘secondly’, etc. can work wonders. Use them at the start of the paragraphs so that the reader knows about the points that you are making.
  •          Related keywords, synonyms and other mechanisms should be used to make sure your blog post would rank on Google. Even if you don’t want to use the typical SEO techniques, the basic addition of keywords and related words should be enough.
  •          The length of the article or the blog post should be a minimum of 300 words. You need to make sure your article contains the right amount of information with clarity. Long articles give a perfect understanding of your skill and expertise in the field that you are talking about.
  •          Internal links to the previous blog posts could also help you generate traffic. If the reader finds one blog post interesting on the subject, he/she would be more interested in reading what you have to say about similar topics.
  •      Get an editor or take feedback from friends and family members to know if the content is making sense and would capture the interest of other readers on the web. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Is a Good Link Different than a Quality Link?

 A good link is indeed different than a quality link. Any link that has a positive impact with low risk is considered as a good link. The factors that differentiates a good link vs. bad link changes based on the type of SEO in San Jose you’re doing such as whether you are targeting local or national or any country specific.  That link must not be linking to sites that have banned content, contraband and things that are not allowed in that geography.

Furthermore, you need to understand that any link good for one location is not necessarily be good for another. For example, alcohol as gift can be banned in one country, but might be a good gift in other places. Well-maintained, and managed local directories can be a good SEO practice for Local SEO, but not appropriate if you are targeting national because of the relevance of content.

Whether a link is good or bad is largely depends on the specific situation and website. Let’s say there is a blogger who has useful niche content, but no authority, and has quit blogging a long time ago. Although everything looks fair, but whether we can call it a good link is debatable. Second case is of an established blog that doesn’t have huge following, and not doing good on SERP. Though, it has extremely good content, but It is also not a good link. Third case is a new blog that has relevant content, doesn’t have huge SEO traffic, but has a good amount of engaged readers. This will be a good link because it could be a good source of traffic and sales.

The tip with good backlink is to observe and determine how they impact you in present and future. We all know that each website is unique, and hence each link should be considered as independent before you disavow it as bad or keep it as good link.


Building Quality Links

You will find a ton of online posts related to SEO about link building. You need to always keep in mind what works for you, are you providing any solution to a problem, how are you presenting this solution content, ways you used to explain and brief o solution content, how you ensure that people can easily share and link to the content and more. 

When anyone say quality link, we all know it is referred to natural links. Such links are topically related to content websites that match your products, services, or niche.

Focusing quality over quantity is something that can help you protect your website as Google updates. Most importantly, focusing on quality can help you get regular and consistent readers. If you have high returning customer, you can earn a lot more than what are you today.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Get Acquainted with the Best Ideas on Domain Selection

 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you plan to launch your business? The answer is a fully functional website. So, let us ask you the most obvious question. Have you selected your ideal domain or URL for your website? If not, we have a concrete list of the things that you shouldn’t forget to remember when finding the right domain name to carry your business name.

1.      Pick the best .com selection that you can get

2.      Make sure your domain name has one target keyword or another

3.      Make sure your domain name is short and crisp

4.      Try a unique name that can be easily used as a brand name

5.      There shouldn’t be any Hyphens in the domain name

6.      Double letters are not recommended unless absolutely necessary

7.      Research the name before you draw any conclusions

8.      Book it fast before anyone else uses it. Don’t think no one has got that idea in their head already

9.      Free domain name can come easily with web hosting services

10.  Use only the most reputed and popular providers of domain names

11.  Find the best provider and stick to them

12.  Make sure you have space to expand

At Frisco Web Solutions, our recommendations with domain names are often appreciated. We have helped several companies to get their website started off the ground in a matter of days. With excellent answers to your most favorite questions, we bring to you, solutions that would give you an SEO advantage from the very beginning. Without SEO in your head, never assume to book a domain name.

Our experience has led us to believe that SEO Services San Jose can only be successful if the domain names are right and easy to remember for the target customers. Many people find it important to have a website with their company name. But that does not mean that you cannot have a blog in a different name.

SEO allows companies to incorporate a vast number of strategies to get traffic to the website. We do not rest until we have tried it all to help you get traffic and rankings on the search engines. Our optimization services allow you to not only acquire rankings on Google but other popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. as well. Domain names are the first key to unlocking your door to a wide number of options for excellent SEO Services in your region.

If you belong to an industry where education services are provided or you are a part of an NGO, our recommendations would be to pick an extension of .org or .edu to get the best results. Your target audience will always assume a couple of things. Keep in view what they think and know and you would never go wrong with your SEO or content marketing strategy.

Read guidelines as many as you can before you pick just the right domain name to promote your business one way or another. Call us today to get more information from our experienced professionals and get a free quote. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Why Does a Startup need SEO Services?

In this age of innovation, technological advancements, new ideas and globalization, we can see a large number of new ventures coming up on a daily basis. In every industry that we see, there is excessive competition in the market which certainly makes it all the more difficult for an entrepreneur to get any kind of recognition on the web. To promote your products and services on the internet and to research out to your target consumers, the first thing that your startup needs is SEO and Social Media Optimization. Here are the top reasons why you need it today:

·        Traffic and Conversion

Organic traffic to your website can help you gain sales and revenue. The latest marketing techniques and ranking on long tail keywords with limited competition can actually result in higher traffic to the website which can turn into increased revenue that your startup clearly needs.

·        Acquisition of Customer Data

When you start acquiring traffic to your website, the first thing that you do is collect information about your customers. Understand their expectations, the things that cause high bounce rate and the pages that are giving you maximum output. Customer data can not only help you improve your website and your face value on the web but it can also assist in knowing the market trends and the future of your industry.

·        Cost Effective

Search Engine Optimization is very cost effective. If you pick a few keywords in the beginning and get your rankings up on Google like search engines then the probability of your business to get high recognition, traffic and revenue increases multifold. It is important for potential consumers to find you on the web. With a small amount of investment, you can easily gain a much higher revenue threshold and cover the expenditure on SEO with much ease.

·        Better Decision Making

As startups acquire consumer data and understand their behavioral patterns, the entrepreneur gets equipped with statistics that can be used to make better decisions from the short term and long-term perspective both. The only thing that you need to keep into account is the possession of the right technology to analyze the data that is collected over time and generate valuable insights that can prove to be a weapon in decision making.

·        Higher Consumer Trust and Brand Value

Every potential consumer likes to search for the reputation and brand value of a company on the web before purchasing any products or services. Let a reputed SEO company San Jose take care of your rankings on the web and give you the recognition that your startup deserves. When a business is ranked well and showcases all the important information that is critical, then the confidence levels of the consumers can increase.

In today’s business environment, the need to have a face value has become the need of the hour. Every organization is noted to have an excellent presence on the web that allows the consumers to understand the business and entrust the company with the investment that they make in the products or services. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tips on Performing Detailed Content Audit on Your Site

Are you planning to promote your business through internet marketing in San Jose? Many businesses fail to achieve desirable results as an outcome of their online marketing campaign because of low-quality or irrelevant content. As we all know, online marketing and content are inseparable, you need to follow the right steps and know what to look for to improve your business website’s quality. Learn the process here-

Regardless of your site size, design or purpose of having a website, you must understand that it must be filled with quality content. It is possible that you already have some pieces of content, which you think are perfectly fine, but there are some more reliable ways to figure it out. Performing content audit can help you get an insight of how your content is going to perform as it allows you to review all of the content published on your website and evaluate how it is going to perform and whether it will meet your goals.

If you have a new website where all content is fresh, then you do not need a content audit for a while. Content audit benefits more to older websites as well as websites that have a huge amount of content.

The Purpose of Content Audits
Content is known for having an amazing potential of getting traffic and searches for websites. Therefore, it is being a great internet marketing investment in San Jose or any other location that you are targeting. Here are some benefits that you will enjoy by content auditing your old website-

Improve Website Ranking
If you’ve not achieved ranking yet, there could be a problem with your content. It is possible that the content is not SEO-friendly. Optimizing it to be more SEO-friendly can be a simple way to notice a big difference in your website ranking.

Rejuvenate Older Content
It is possible that you have the best content on your site, but even that gest old at some point. After a while, you might start missing out on important, trendy keywords, or have content with broken links, old information and many other issues.

You need to improve your old content to give you the same benefits you get from brand new content.
Eliminate Irrelevant Content
Remember, not everything you have posted will remain relevant forever. Some content only benefits for a short while. During the content audit, you will find older content on your website that can be updated to be more relevant and useful.

Get Rid of Duplicate Content
In addition to unimportant webpages, you will also find duplicate or similar content during a content audit by your internet marketing company in San Jose.

You didn’t post duplicate content intentionally, but it can often occur by accident. Regardless of why it is on your website, you can be penalized by search engines for having it. If you find it early, you can fix the problem by canonicalizing your preferred URL. 

Final Thoughts
Content audits may sound intimidating to some business, but it is will help you ensure that all of your website content is working for your good, and not against your business.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Designing A Website For Effective Conversions

Conversions are imperative client interactions that every business requires to grow online. However, for successful conversions, you need to have a website created by the experienced professionals for web design in Bay Area. The experts always keep the following web design essentials in mind in order to deliver the most promising results:

ü  Use CTAs strategically
These are compelling words or short sentences placed at the bottom of the webpage. They let the visitors know regarding the next step to be carried out. Plus, CTAs help to guide regular users to turn out to be paying clients. Without CTAs, the audience will not be familiar with precisely what to perform next to turn into a client, and that indicates you will possibly lose essential conversions to your industry competitors. Short, actionable verbs are simple to recognize, and they even provide the audience with a sense of urgency.

ü  Make a button for CTA
CTAs work wonders when they are placed in the form of buttons. Such buttons can be in any shape – circle, oval, square, or whatever you would like it to be. Plus, buttons help your CTA to shine out – the same as a contrasting color – and it is more satisfying for your target audience to click. Additionally, buttons are wonderful places for contrasting color and draw the attention of the audience significantly. Moreover, having a distinctive and strategically placed CTA button will encourage the audience to click on it and get converted successfully.

ü  Integrate color psychology
When it comes to building a distinctive website, every specialist for web design in Bay Area is well-aware of what different colors represent.
o   Red – Hunger, Urgency, Impulse, and Emotion
o   Black – Influence, Significance, Prestige, and Exclusivity
o   Purple – Beauty, Calm, Wealth, and Royalty
o   Green – Money, Environmentalism, Tranquility, and Health
o   Orange – Aggression, Confidence, Caution, and Enthusiasm
o   Blue – Productivity, Security, Peace, and Trust
o   Yellow – Clarity, Optimism, Warmth, and Happiness

These are some of the extensively used colors on the majority of websites, and the right ones can work wonders for your business. The key is making a decision which feelings you would like to induce in your target audience.

ü  Include white space
It is any part of the website that gives you an idea about the background. It is significant since it makes the website feel more open and less messy, letting the audience to efficiently go through the content. It even helps the photos, text, and CTAs stand out when you would like to use them effectively. It indicates that you can more successfully drive conversions by keeping a single background color on a webpage and wrapping it up with a compelling, direct CTA. The key is to establish the color of the brand throughout the website and end every webpage with a contrasting color that incorporates a powerful and concise CTA.
So, when you consider approaching a leading service provider for web design in Bay Area, your website is sure to slot in the essentials that will ultimately lead to successful conversions, and thus, will boost your business revenue.